July 29th 2012 – Mexico City

Getting out of Acapulco took some doing. We arrived at the bus station at about 7.15am, for a 8am bus. When we approached the guard on the door to the buses, he told us our bus was not in, and to cut a long story short, he let our bus leave without us, the authorities on agreeing it was not our fault, left us waiting for four hours, while they discussed the issue, before telling us we would have to pay for another ticket – apparentantly no-one in all of Mexico had the authority to re-issue another ticket without payment. Luckily Jane stayed polite and calm, as I would have floored the arrogant bastard who was dealing with it – I kept quiet and let Jane deal with it. So we paid another Ā£50, and got on a bus right about the time we should have been arriving in Mexico City. On the positive side, it may have been the most expensive bus in Mexico, but it was the most comfortable šŸ™‚

They have a great taxi service here – a bit expensive – but really safe. When you arrive in the city you approach a booth, you tell them the district, they take payment and give you a ticket. A porter takes your bags and puts you in a registered taxi, the driver gets the ticket but no money. I think it was developed to stop tourists getting mugged and ripped off, and it really works – I like the fact that I don’t have to second guess or worry about the system, and lets face it we had been ripped off quite enough that day šŸ™‚

Our hotel is nice, on a place called Garibaldi Square and about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the center. Going out at night is a no-no though. The first night we ate in the hotel, but walked out into the square in the dark – its was a bit edgy, so we retreated. During the day things are fine though – once we get past one small area where we run the gauntlet of grasping druggies and alcoholics. The centre is actually a real surprise – with some amazing buildings, such as the National Ballet Building.

The National Ballet

The National Ballet, Mexico City

My personal favourite has to be the Post Office though – it wins hands down for one of the most jaw-dropping architectural acomplishments I’ve seen. If you describe it, it sounds over the top, but maybe a photo will do the trick…

Post Office Mexico City

Post Office (Yes it is), Mexico City

This is not a bad place to walk around – big wide pedestrian streets, lined by massive old Castillian Spanish buildings with arched walkways to keep you out of the sun – saying that its much cooler here, about 25 degrees, thank God. There are loads of good places to eat and get a decent coffee, and plenty to look at, but for Jane its all about getting out to Teotihaucan, the Aztec City of the Sun, so we booked that today. Its the last thing we do before leaving Mexico….

Tiled Building

Tiled Building, Mexico City


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