July 15th 2012 – Chillin’ in San Christobal

Well we went riding, and it wasn’t too bad (those John Wayne western saddles are hard on the legs, no wonder he walked funny!). We were picked up at our hotel by a farmer in a flatbed pickup truck (i.e no seats!) and we jumped in the back, and hung on for dear life as he took us to the horses, saddled and under shady trees waiting for us. Our guide did not speak one word of English, so it turned out quite well that one of the Polish couple who rode out with us spoke pretty good Spanish.

horse again

Jane’s horse “Chimero”


Me on horse… yeah what of it?

We rode up into the hillside for about an hour to a small town called San Juan, where we tied the horses under some trees (apples all round courtesy of Jane) and let them rest for an hour while we checked out the place. We went to have a look in the church, where lots of Mayan families were gathered. First impression was OK, the usual, lots of candles and stuff – and then we realised that the Mayans were sacrificing chickens, right there on the church floor – it was all dead birds and chanting. What the hell would the Pope say. 🙂 So we saddled up the gg’s and high tailed it outa there partners!


“Chicken slaughter church” in San Juan

When the guy drove us back to San Christobal he pulled up on the edge of town, and told us he had run out of petrol, could we walk the rest of the way?. Yeah, right. We are guessing it was lunch time and he was right outside his house 🙂

Our last couple of days in San christobal was spent eating, drinking. and chillin’ out. We found a cafe that does the best salads on planet earth, and yes thats me saying that not Jane – I could eat every day in this place.

On our last day strolling around town, we came across a guy with a tarantula. he was promoting an insect museum, which we didn’t know existed. So we did visit the museum, but the best bit was that I got a chance to hold a tarantula, so thats another thing off the bucket list. Heres a pic to prove that I’m not scared of fire-knee tarantulas…


Me and a Fireknee Tarantula

The whole town is a cool place to be, and we will be sad to leave tommorrow, but its time to move on to the City of Oaxaca (wah HAH cah) further over to the West, which gets us close to the Pacific coast.


Mooching about on the last day


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