July 12th 2012 – Canon De Sumidero, Chiapas, Mexico

About an hour outside of town a big river, Rio Grijalva, runs through a huge limestone canyon, and it also happens to be crocodile infested waters, so we thought it was worth checking out! There had been a lot of rainfall so the river was high and flowing fast, and our boatman had to dodge the odd massive log as we made our way down stream to the Chicoasien dam.

Canyon De Sumidero

Canyon De Sumidero

It was a neck cramping journey as the sheer stone walls rose up higher and higher as we travelled. This place is unbelieveable, at one point the canyon rises to over a kilometre high – and believe it or not, before they put the dam in place in the 1980’s, raising the depth of the river by tens of metres the canyon walls were even higher from the surface of the river. It reminds me of Milford Sound in New Zealand.

Journey down river

Journey down river

There is one part of the canyon wall that has a very strange, and apparently pretty rare, formation where folds and arches of limestone have been laid down on the external wall – its more usual for it to occur in cave systems, but to be honest the whole thing is awesome!

Limestone formations

Limestone formations on the canyon wall

We got all the way to the dam, and not one croc! The water was so high that none of them were swimming in it and we were a bit dissapointed. Then at about the halfway point on the way back our boatman spotted one on a rock in the river. Now we were expecting to see the small variety of freshwater croc, about 3 to 4 feet long – what else would you expect to see in a Mexican river?  This croc was BIG – a saltwater croc and a real surprise – as big as anything on the African Congo!  About 10 minutes later we spotted another one on the bankside, and it was even bigger. We had an idiot on board the boat who got out of his seat to lean over and splash his hand in the water, tipping the boat.  These crocs are maneaters, if only he had fallen in, as we were only about 10 feet from this monster, it would have put a whole new angle on the day – and some great photos:) Anyway here are some pics of the two crocs, neither of them eating a tourist… unfortunately!

Croc One - with his posse of vultures

Croc One – with his posse of vultures

Croc Two - much bigger than Croc One

Croc Two – much bigger than Croc One

Me and Jane love travelling on river boats, so this was a really enjoyable morning that went way beyond our expectations. We are finding that Mexico has a lot to offer, especially here in the Chiapas region.


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