Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Future

OK – well the time is nigh…

Our house has sold (nearly) and we’re going to be off on our travels soon. We won’t have earned a great deal from the sale (because it was a tiny terraced house) but hopefully it will be enough to see us round the world.

So here’s the itinerary – HOME > Cape Town > Bankok (Thailand > Vientam > Cambodia > Laos) > Australia (East Coast) > New Zealand (Both islands) > Central America (Belize > Guatemala > Honduras > Mexico > USA (Canyon Lands – Arizona/Utah) > BACK HOME. Should take around a year to complete, and who knows I may never come back. I’m going to update this site as we go (I think, not sure I may start a whole new website or just post on Facebook), but at any rate I’ll keep updating as we go.

All the best… and see you in a year!! If at all!! 🙂