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Egypt -Sharm El Shiek and Cairo

Well hello there… we’re back from Egypt! And to be honest I have mixed feelings about the place… Good and Bad… here goes… the good…

First off I have to say the diving over there is fantastic. It’s like stepping into a warm bath full of tropical fish! I decided to do another PADI certification so I started the Advanced Open Water. But because I was flying the next day I only really had time to do it up to ADVENTURE DIVER… So I did 3 dives.. Peak Performance Buoyancy (which was great!) followed by Underwater Navigation (which was fun and I didn’t end up in the Persian Gulf!) and finally Fish Identification… easy, just a nice dive looking at fish really. Guun, my instructor was cool, even though I could hear her swearing (even under water!!) ha ha… she was great!

OK now the bad – British tourists in a resort like Sharm are the pits of the earth! They constantly moan about the quality of everything! They basically want chips with everything and hardly ever venture out of the hotel they’re staying in. They complain about the heat, the food, the Egyptians , the Camel rides (“I hate camels” – then why book a f***ing ride on one of them? FFS!) the hotels, the guides… absolutely bloody everything! They have little respect for the culture too… when women were asked to dress appropriately for Cairo (i.e. covered shoulders and trousers) it made no difference, they dressed in skimpy shorts with bare shouldered tops! Obviously on most occasions being a red blooded male I wouldn’t care… but other cultures expect respect for their ways. And it’s for that reason I do not wish to return to Sharm.

Cairo was a busy but desolate place. People living on the streets in some areas…with 22 million people living in one city… no wonder. This is also a place I do not wish to return to… Although there were highlights such as the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx and the Museum… it seemed to me that these places were more cared for (because they bring in the tourist cash) than their own people’s living environments… sad.

Next stop who knows… watch this space!