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Hope, Canada 2008/9

Rambo Bridge, Hope, Cananda

Rambo Bridge - Hope, Canada 2008

Hope, Cananda 2008

This is the bridge on which John Rambo gets hassle from the cops in RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD. We were travelling through the Fraser Valley in Canada and found the place by accident. We were just looking for a place to stay really. That night I was reading the local paper and there was a recent celebration of the films production in the town (it’s not a very big place). So, next morning we had a walk into town, and sure enough I recognised so many things from the film. Like for instance the Police station (which is actually the public library) and the bridge you see here, as well as the railway line Sly jumps over on the motorbike in the movie.

I’m a bit of a film fan and although I’m not particularly into this kind of movie nowadays I loved it when it first came out though, (I was much younger) it has a nostalgic feel to it now.

Sorry it’s a little old (the photo), but we never got to fly anywhere this year because of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano… and I wanted to try posting SOMETHING to start me off on WordPress, never fear though I’ll be diving in Egypt very soon and will post some images and stories here for you to read.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see it too so there you go… keep well!